On February 4, 2004, a boy named Mark Zuckerberg came up with a revolutionary idea, an idea that would change our perceptions about social life. And so it did. Facebook, a name that has become synonymous to social life and connections for most people has managed to stick around for too long for it to be merely called a social networking site. Its an environment. With WhatsApp and Instagram also coming under the Facebook brand name, Zuckerberg has reached new soaring heights. What keeps the magic going is innovation.

Every now and then you see Facebook change from something you became used to, to something that leaves you awestruck with its new features. 2016 is no exception, many new features have been introduced adding something for users, advertisers, Celebs, Me and You. The F8, San Francisco has surely been an impressive event. This article will talk about some new features that Facebook has introduced. Some of these features haven’t been much noticed, but they should.

Facebook Live Video (for everyone)


Live video apps like Periscope and Meerkat, have been around for long. But, Facebook adding Live video to their feature list is still exciting. Thankfully, no additional app is needed: The Live Video content prompt is located in the “Update Status” prompt in the mobile app.

It was introduced in August for public figures only (with the name “Mentions“), Facebook has started a roll-out to some US users, and introduced the service to verified business Pages. It can easily be anticipated that this service would be used by brands to endorse upcoming things and judging by the current video content Facebook has, it could prove to be a boon for sure. to learn how to verify a Page on Facebook, click here.

Embed has changed

FireShot Capture 31 - Embedded Posts - Social Plugins_ - https___developers.facebook.com_do

If content marketing is your thing, you are in for a treat. The Embed has changed and its changed for good. Earlier, there used to be a lot of superfluous information that cluttered the margins of Facebook embeds and made them look inelegant.

Facebook has rolled out a cleaner embed option that Highlights the media/post and minimizes the other stuff. It isn’t as user friendly as a regular embed, however. You will have to choose “advanced options” and re-enter the URL of the post to be shared, after choosing the embed option. Or copy the links below to go directly into the advanced options:

Embedded post (includes images)

Embedded video (this also works for Facebook Live Video)

In addition to these you can embed the comments on Facebook as well. Making the embedded stuff look COMPLETE.

See First


As the name suggests, it is about what you get to see first when you open Facebook, the NEWS FEED. You open your Facebook, see trivial updates from acquaintances, and miss important posts from people you care about more. After a long wait, Facebook has finally introduced News Feed Preferences to prioritize what we see. With the new preferences, we can:

  • Just tap to star your “favourite” friends, Facebook will make sure their posts pop up first in your news feed.
  • Follow pages and brands in bulk.
  • Unfollow acquaintances in bulk, you still appear as friends without having to see their posts in your timeline making it crisp.
  • Just in case you made a mistake, reconnect with people you unfollowed.

This option is available in the Facebook for iOS app and has rolled out to a few Android users in recent past, but will be available across Android and Web, so stay patient if you don’t already see it.

Updated Controls for News Feed from Facebook on Vimeo.


I love this. Now I can put important people at the top of my feed and never miss a post! And I don’t have to scroll though some posts I don’t care about much. Kudos to this one.

Legacy Contact



“You can’t predict your death, you can’t escape it, But you can most certainly plan”

Just like you sign a will to pass on your assets after your death to your next heir. Facebook accounts have also become a priceless personal property now. And so the need for a will to pass on your Facebook account grew, well, here it is, THE LEGACY CONTACT.

Pretty easy to add. You just select someone from your Facebook friends, and choose if you want them to download an archive of all your posts, photos and profile information. They will have the ability to write a post at the top of your timeline, respond to friend requests, and change the profile and cover photos. Your Legacy Contact can talk on your account, but only as themselves, not as you. So they can’t impersonate you(bye bye your weird fantasies of living on FB after death!). You can also choose to delete your account on your death instead of predefining a Legacy account.

Send and Receive Money

Next time your kid asks for some extra pocket money for “books”, instead of dealing with Western Union, send money right inside Facebook! You will just need the Facebook Messenger — via desktop or mobile apps. Also, you’ll need to have a debit card added to your account so keep that in mind.


After, you’re done with the prerequisites. ITS SOO EASY…Have a look

Facebook 360 Photos & videos!

From 2d to 3d to Virtual reality. We have reached an age where we want all possible angles on an image, and Facebook did just that. It has now integrated 360 degree Photos & videos.

Ways to create a 360 photo

  • Take a panorama with an Android phone or iOS device & just upload.
  • Capture a 360-degree photo on your phone using an app like Google Camera


Next time you encounter an image or video which looks like this, rotate them!


Instant Articles


Minimalist articles that get published exclusively to the Facebook platform. These articles load 10 times faster than mobile web articles. Until last week, only bigger publishers had access to Instant Articles, but now everyone does. You, me, everyone!

Facebook would also allow you to use native advertising in these Articles. Facebook share its “branded content” policy at F8, and states that publishers will be allowed to keep 100 percent of the profit from these branded content pieces.

The Universal “Save” Button


Facebook is rolling out its “Save to Facebook” button, which would save the webpage to a private portion of Facebook and as prices change for e-commerce goods, the saved page would notify you.

More Configurable Facebook Pages


The highlight of the F8 was FB’s statement that all businesses aren’t the same, so Facebook Pages need to have more flexibility to accommodate diverse businesses. To adhere to this, Facebook introduced more customizable Pages. The “call to action” button is more prominently featured in the Pages, and the sections are configurable allowing businesses to customize their Page presence how customers prefer.

Profile Videos

Do you wish that uber cool vine or stunt you did for your camcorder could be your profile picture? Well, now you can, FB now allows you to update a short video from MSQRD,  lollicam , Boomerang from Instagram , BeautyPlusCinemagraph Pro from Flixel and Vine into your profile picture.

Non-profit crowdfunding


Non-profits may be able to fundraise more effectively on Facebook than with other crowdfunding sites, using the Facebook “donate” button and Facebook’s platform and distribution capabilities.


Facebook has always been the top contender of the most exciting social networking platform. They simply overpower the other shinier options by their hunger to innovate and expand, making it an unmatchable utility. What attracts me the most is that they are giving content creators the tools to earn attention through the platform. Many secret features keep rolling out and have come up in the F8 and no doubt they would keep innovating and moving towards betterment. Nonetheless, either you use these features or not, its Facebook, and you cannot ignore them.

Know about more such features we have missed? Spill them out in the comments below.

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