For all smartphone users, the worst nightmare is having a low battery or dead phone. Since last few years, there has been an exponential rise in the sale of Power Banks. In present context also, there is absolutely no reason to neglect your pick for a Power Bank. In this article, we will have a detailed list of Top 5 Power Banks.

1.) Mi Power Bank(16,000 mAh): This product is no doubt a gem! It has got all the potential to be on the top of the list of Top 5 Power Banks. With a capacity of 16,000 mAh, it can charge a standard smartphone five times with a single charge.

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2.)  Huawei Honor AP007 (13,000 mAh): It has a dual port charging facility to charge two devices on a single go. The product is exclusively available on Flipkart. It is dust and sweat resistant and provides single piece bracket for electrical safety.

Top 5 Power Banks

3.) Ambrane P-1000 Star(10,500 mAh): It is also one of the top most rated Power Bank and truly deserves a name in the list of Top 5 Power Banks. It has a digital display which shows information on the battery. Also, it features a high-intensity ultra-bright LED torch.

Top 5 Power Banks



4.) PNY BE-740 (10400 mAh): With a capacity of 10,400 mAh, it is also one of the most used Power Bank today. There is a built-in LED torch and comes with auto power off feature to save your battery. It has a 4-lights of LED power indicator, which displays the battery level status.

Top 5 Power Banks

5.) Anker 79AN13K2-BA 2nd Generation Astro E4 (13000 mAh): It has 3 output ports and can supply current up to 4A. Also, there is an added smart feature, by which you can turn on the power bank just by shaking. Cool! Isn’t it? Compared to 3 or  4 indicators, this power bank on the list of Top 5 Power Banks has 10 indicators. This ensures precise information of battery backup. Though, with lots of features, this Power Bank ranks in 5th place on the list of Top 5 Power Banks because of its cost constraint. This will cost you Rs. 2,830 which is approximately double as compared to other Power Banks.

Top 5 Power Banks

Power Bank is a must have gadget for those who are a frequent traveler as one cannot always rely on charging ports, charger, and our Cell Phone battery. So, if there is any suggestion in this list of Top 5 Power Banks, then please leave that in your comment.

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