Amazon India is now the king of the Indian market as it has already left behind Flipkart and other e-commerce sites in terms of total sale. Amazon India started its service back in 2013 and since then it has carved a niche in the mind of Indian buyers. Now, Amazon India has launched a new service called “Sell as Individual“.

Sell as Individual will facilitate users to sell their used and old goods on Amazon. ” Sell as Individual”  is probably seen as a competition for market giants like Quikr and OLX. Using this service, one can choose our own price and display our product on the website. Amazon India charges a very reasonable fee for this Sell as Individual service. For a product under Rs. 1000, Amazon will charge Rs. 10 and for a product up to Rs. 5000, fees will be Rs. 50. For items priced at more than Rs. 5000, you will have to pay Rs. 100 to Amazon India.

Sell as Individual

Presently, this service was launched only in Bengaluru by Amazon India. Though there is a select menu for cities, but it only displays Bengaluru. It is expected that soon, Sell as Individual will be available in other metro cities as well.

How To Sell Using “Sell As Individual”

To sell your product on Sell as Individual, just go to its page on Amazon India. Now fill up a form regarding the details of the product, pricing, pick up option and uploading images. Now it will be listed on Amazon India and will be displayed as used product. Once, your product is purchased, Amazon India will notify you through a mail. Based on your convenience, you can schedule a pickup time.

Sell as Individual

Now once all this is done, a representative from Amazon India will pick up the product from your location. After the purchase is finalized, Amazon will transfer you the amount while deducting its service fee. In case, your product is returned by the buyer, then Amazon will deliver it back to you, that too without charging a penny!

Also, to promote Sell as Individual service, Amazon India is rewarding Rs 1000 as Amazon Pay Balance. This will be credited when you sell five books, video games, movies, or music. Also, if you sell one mobile phone, tablet, or laptop you will be eligible for this reward.

In the year 2016, Amazon India introduced three new services. Amazon Prime, Amazon Global Store, and Amazon videos were introduced by Amazon India. These innovation and new services are what making amazon the market king.


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