You buy this phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) and your face lights up. Well, not really, just referring to the main selling point that you won’t get in the other similarly priced devices that is the front flash!

Priced at ₹13,990 this phone offers pretty decent cost to spec ratio having an incredible battery life and a beautiful super AMOLED display, this device is a great introduction by Samsung in the entry level smartphone market. Truly speaking, it’s a gem for the businesspersons who actually want to use this for mediocre social media interactions and documentation etc. But if you are a gamer with interest in high-end and powerful power games, this is not the right phone for you. 4.68GB usable memory is practically very low to play games with large amounts of OBB (Opaque Binary Blog) data. Let’s take a quick tour through the details of the device.



A 1280×720 display with a pixel density of 294ppi is pretty impressive for its price. The Super AMOLED display is a beauty in colour reproduction and depth of the blacks. LCD panel in other similarly priced phones looks positively insipid in comparison. The display manages to deliver Vibrant colours with ultra-high contrast ratio and looks absolutely impressive. The decent viewing angles make this a big shot in the display department.






J52_w720_h423Well, this is where you compromise a bit for the price, with LEeco and Mi giving metal unibody, this on the other hand has a plastic body and no water protection (like Motorola) and the glossy finish makes it look a little tacky as it looks like the A series  without a metal frame but again its cheaper.





The curved sides and slim dimensions make it easy to hold and gives a solid grip over the device. It comes in black, gold and white colour variants and all of them look pretty good but my personal recommendation would be the gold one.







It has ANDROID LOLIPOP (5.1.1) which means you miss out on some android marshmallow features. But it does manage to deliver a smooth feel because of Samsung’s own TouchWiz overlay, which admittedly has become better over time and is now more user friendly. It does not have Flipboard desktop, presumably to help keep the performance smooth but the colourful icons with a very handy notification bar make up for that too. Coming to my biggest issue with Samsung phones: Low in-built storage and excessive bloatware. So, with Google and Samsung both wanting you to use their services results in two browsers, two email clients and so on, which could get pretty annoying as you can’t even remove the preloaded apps without rooting.





The Galaxy J5 packs a basic 1.2GHz quad-core processer, a Snapdragon 410 CPU and 2GB RAM under the hood which delivers android and everything with satisfying smoothness. Multitasking is pretty good in this device but it obviously does not support side-by-side multitasking . Hybrid dual sim is a new addition to smartphones of this range and still needs some time to be accepted by the market.

Samsung, as usual, does well with battery in the affordable handset market. Galaxy J5 is no different, offering close to two full days of use on a single charge, even with regular use.




cam1 cam2


Nothing new except the “oh so awesome” front flash. This phone has a 13MP shooter with flash and a 5MP front cam, pretty much like the other smartphones in this range. The outdoor photography is pretty good when the lighting conditions are good while the camera sensors somewhat take a hit when the conditions are cloudy. Shots taken indoors can look a little ‘fuzzy‘, lacking the crisp detail that you get from outdoor snaps. In low light(indoor) you inevitably get a lot of grain, no true colour reproduction. But thankfully there’s an LED flash to compensate. And if you’re shooting in bright light, you can expect white outfits and buildings (and bald heads) to appear over saturated. However, for a budget camera you will still be very happy with the results.



There’s a lot to like in the Galaxy J5, the Super AMOLED display, 4G connectivity on both SIM cards, microSD card expandability up-to 128GB, a front LED flash and the much-improved Samsung TouchWiz over its previous versions. Samsung has tried to offer almost everything at the price point of 14k and has managed to achieve that. The same boring Samsung design, a pretty ordinary camera and the limited internal memory makes the Galaxy J5. It is a bit unwanted in the race of affordable feature-packed smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy J5 comes across as a strong contender from the Korean giant to take on some of the best devices in sub-15k category. If you are looking for stock Android experience, the Moto G (2015) is the legitimate choice. While the Samsung Galaxy J5 stands out among the crowd for its sheer brand recall and years of potency.  Well, your choice!


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