“Rumour has it that the iPhone 7 will be launching in the coming September! Rumour also has it that the iPhone would come with 2 screens, not one!

Not to mention that the latest iPhone would come with a projector, a 7 inch screen, an eye-scanner, and a real-gold plated body!

Right before the launch of an official iPhone every year, the rumour mills start churning with the most absurd rumours and ideas of how the new iPhone would look like. For the coming September-October interval, rumour has it that the latest offering from the Cupertino giant would be the iPhone 7. We’ve compiled a list of all the leaks we’ve come across for the up and coming behemoth. Do check it out here:

  1. The biggest one is the power of a Dual-Lens camera at the back. The earliest of the leaks from the Chinese factories of Foxconn have indicated to a dual-lens structure with a 12MP shooting capability for the iPhone 7.
  2. A 3D touch home button. This might be a coalesce of the 3D Touch screen of the previous gen-iPhone, along with the force touch prowess of the trackpad of MacBook Air. This means, various new different tap-or-click options coming your way, even for the home button.
  3. Water-Resistance and IP6X Certification: Coz people really want to shoot fish in slow-mo! 😛
  4. Wireless Charging: It isn’t a secret that the iPhones have NFC inbuilt into them. So, wireless charging shouldn’t exactly be a far-fetched notion.
  5. Wireless Earphones: We all love the Apple EarPods; they fit into our ears so perfectly, don’t they? But we’ve also heard the rumours about how the latest iPhones should come with slimmer bodies, and that there shouldn’t be a need for a 3.5mm headphone jack. So, Apple might finally cut the chord, by saying goodbye to wired earphones.
  6. Blue-Blue-Blue: The Internet has been going crazy about the new colours that the iPhone might finally come in. Guess Apple has been taking hints from the iPhone 5C.
  7. More Storage: Aren’t we just sick and tired of the “Low-Memory” pop-ups that our phones keep sending us. Rumour has it that the iPhone 7 would ditch the 16GB variant. This will come on in a plethora of high-storage options, including a 32, 64, 128, or even a 256GB variant. (Guess we wouldn’t really need that iCloud storage after all).

The biggest concern, although, for most customers is the price concern. And this year, the latest iPhone is said to be coming up with a price tag starting from Rs. 50000, or $750.

These were just a few of the millions of leaks, rumours, ideas, and God-Knows-What the Internet has to offer about the iPhone 7 that’s allegedly going to be launched in the coming fall.

We’d suggest that you should fasten your seat-belts, along with your wallets, Coz this won’t be cheap, we’d say!

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