The whole economy is in turmoil and truly said that you may need to sacrifice something after you make a bold step! After the demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rs. notes by P.M. Modi, it’s been almost impossible for people to get cash and even though ATMs are working at full capacity, yet we see long queues outside them and in some worst case scenario, there have been around 55 death reported. Here is a guide to several apps and websites which let you find ATM location nearby including its details about crowd and money availability.

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1.) CMS ATM Finder: As per the website, CMS claims to manage around 55,000 ATMs in the country and gives user exact data of availability by filtering city and it even find ATM location on the map.Talking about the limitation, it only shows us about the ATMs which CMS manages and not others.

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2.) Cash No Cash: Since it’s release on 14th November, there has been an exponential rise in its traffic as it is not only limited till ATMs but also gives exact information about Banks and Post Office as well. The user can simply enable his GPS or enter PIN Code manually and it also let us notify about the cash availability through our email id. This site is developed by Quikr and NASSCOM.

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3.) Walnut App: It’s an expense manager application and gathers data from it’s 1.8 million users. Along with the present status about the crowd and cash availability, it is planning to expand in future by giving information on the denomination of available notes.

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4.) ATM Search: This website enables users to get details about the ATMand it helps in finding of the status of an ATM by searching through location  and landmark. It also let the user add up a new ATM by adding basic information about the ATM and is updated regularly.

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Since, demonetization was a very unexpected step and further transactions are limited to only 2500Rs per day, yet it’s a good initiative to curb black money and in coming days people can get cash at Petrol Pumps also by swiping their cards in exchange of notes. It has also resulted in the sudden rise of Mobile Wallet, yet most of the market is cash-dominant and above sites and applications help out to tackle this issue, though it may take some time for banks and ATMs to be normal again.

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