You’re standing in queue or line at a bank or a coffee shop. Your right thumb is stretching to drag out words on your phone’s keyboard and it’s difficult for you to read the text on the web form you’re filling out on a small mobile screen. Don’t you wish that your phone could send that task to your Windows 10 PC magically where you could perceive it in a big screen and with a hardware keyboard?



With the new preview apps launched by Microsoft for iOS and Android – you can. Microsoft Edge for iOS/Android and Microsoft Launcher for Android, two apps designed to make it easy for you to share what you’re working on between your phone and PC.

The Microsoft Edge web browser, which made its debut along with the launch of Windows 10, is set to land on Android and iOS. Microsoft revealed that it has also renamed its older Arrow Launcher for Android, launched in 2015 which will now be called as the Microsoft Launcher.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android:


Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android:

Under its code name Spartan, Microsoft Edge was first revealed to the public as part of a Windows 10 Technical Preview build in March 2015, and it was given its official name in late April 2015.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android:

The features included in Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 are:

  • Favorites
  • Reading List
  • New Tab Page
  • Reading View

Even if you stop reading a page on the Android version of Edge, you can pick up right where you left off on your Windows 10 version of the browser.



Microsoft Launcher for Android :

With the new Microsoft Launcher, just like Windows 10, you can put icons of your favorite people right on the home screen so that they’re quickly and easily available.

Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android:

  • Customizable and Beautiful: Launcher allows you to personalize your phone, it’s easy to set colors of backgrounds—and the new ‘gesture’ support makes it easy for the users to customize.


  • The Feed, Info at your Fingertips: With just a quick swipe-to-the-right, Microsoft Launcher offers a brief feed of your important events, top news, recent activities, favorite people and most frequently used apps.


  • Connect & Continue on PC:  Microsoft Launcher has been designed to make it easy for you to work effectively on Android by letting you connect and continue work on your PC.


Microsoft Edge for iOS and Android:


The newly renamed Microsoft Launcher is currently available as a preview version for Android in the Google Play Store. Anyone signed up for the Arrow Launcher preview will automatically get access to the new Microsoft Launcher preview.

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