With Google gearing up for the release of its latest operating system Nougat, there is much hustle among the people for the new Nexus phones to be released but seems like the hustle regarding its HTC counterparts which are Marlin and Sailfish is much greater. The highly awaited (and highly leaked) two HTC built handsets that were thought to be 2016’s Nexus branded ones will bear some different branding as per some unrecognized sources. Furthermore, it is also believed that Marlin & Sailfish won’t carry the humongous HTC tag despite the Taiwanese company producing them. That being said, the two models expected to be out by fall of 2016 are carrying a great buzz with and around them coupled with such unique aspects.

If you have gone through other articles by Team Yourspot, you might have noticed that we do not flinch from giving a detailed and a reader friendly view of the topic undertaken. But today, we are a bit shy of any staunch information on the above models as mostly there are only rumors and whispers surrounding the Marlin and Sailfish models. Nevertheless, for the sake of throwing some light, I say we take a peek into what is really going on here!


If rumors are to be believed, the HTC (or not really HTC) Marlin will sport a 5.5inch AMOLED display. The camera supported by the device seems to be quite impressive in terms of the secondary one. The primary camera is said to be of 12MP power and the secondary one of 8MP power. Marlin is also said to have a fingerprint reader as well. One thing that can be said about these models is that it does not seem like either of the phones is going to compromise on design, quality or performance. That can be said because Marlin will be powered by Snapdragon 820 chipset and Adreno 530 GPU. It is also rumored to include 4GB RAM and 128GB onboard storage. For such extravagant specifications, there needs to be a powerhouse to support it which is expected to come in the form of a 3,450mAh battery.


An honest review does not exaggerate the information at hand. We won’t do that either. This is pretty much around and about what is known in context of Marlin.


Taking a peek into the undetermined life of Sailfish, it is said to be powered by a 64 bit 2.0GHz Quad-core processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM. It will also be fitted with a 5-inch but 1080p display. Both cameras are said to be the same in Marlin and Sailfish. However, Sailfish will include 32GB internal storage. The device could also include 2700mAh battery which is slightly less than what is being offered in Marlin. Hence, the battery back-up is expected to be a bit weaker in the latter model.



As we have been through some specs of both the models, we can say that the major differences between them are the screen size, resolution and the battery capacity. These models armed with such bold specs would introduce quite a departure from the Nexus line that came last year in which the 5X was a mid-range phone and the 6P was the real deal.

Usually we span out a verdict in context of the elaborated topic. Right now, it would be a bit unwise to conclude anything. But to expect a great output from both Marlin and Sailfish would not be so unwise. The coupling of both the models with Nougat and their performance (expected performance) is a great step-up from the previous Nexus models, thus giving us the worthy customers another interesting line of smart-phones. All that is left now is the arrival of Marlin and Sailfish that will give some real definition to their existence!


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