Since last few months, there has been a gradual shift towards the dynamic use of Aadhaar card. Being an Indian citizen, now it seems that Aadhaar Card is almost mandatory across all fields. The government is constantly focusing on Aadhar’s benefits and linking Aadhaar to your bank accounts and other important cards.  Now, taking a step ahead in order to promote Digital India, UIDAI launched the mAadhaar App that lets you carry your Aadhar on your Android phone. To use the mAadhaar App or ‘mobile Aadhaar’ app, users need to register their phone number with UIDAI. After this, users can download their details on the app, which will show all the data present on Aadhaar. 

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What is mAadhaar App?

mAadhaar App will simply work as a replacement for the actual hard copy of Aadhaar. Apart from this feature, one can use the mAadhaar app for Android to see if our biometrics are locked or unlocked. Further, we can change this status. Earlier, this facility was available only through the UIDAI website. Biometric details include our fingerprint and retinal scan data. In the past, there were some cases in which people reported the misuse of their biometric details. So, locking your Biometric details will help in avoiding this situation.



Also,mAadhaar app generates a time-based OTP (TOTP) through the app, which can be used instead of the SMS-based OTP. The app tries reading the SMS automatically and provides an upper edge as compared to the conventional SMS OTP.

Presently, the mAadhaar App is in beta testing stage and soon the UIDAI team will add more functionalities as well.  Several users posted on Play Store about encountering bugs in the appThese issues may shortly be fixed, as the main motive of releasing a Beta version is to identify more bugs and fix them afterward. Earlier, before its release, the government tweeted with a note that the Aadhaar App will be in Beta version.

mAadhaar App

Where to download the mAadhaar app?

The mAadhaar App is presently available only on Android platform. One can easily download this app from play store, or by simply clicking here. Also, the top results for mAadhaar do not include the official app. Therefore, one must be careful while downloading this app.



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