It seems that the year 2017 is not going too smooth for the internet security. The Internet has just now bounced back on track after the Wannacry attack, and now according to latest reports of Check Point research somewhere around 8.5 million to 36.5 million devices have been attacked by Judy Malware. According to latest stats by Google, presently there are more than 2 Billion Android devices.

Judy Malware has affected 14 Apps on the Google Play store. As witnessed by a report from Check Point researchers, Judy Malware is an auto-clicking adware designed to generate revenues for its perpetrators by generating a large amount of fraudulent clicks on advertisements. These malicious apps have been downloaded somewhere between 4.5 million and 18.5 million times and these apps are not recent, as some of these apps have been on Play Store for several years. Check Point has reportedly alerted Google about Judy Malware and the Google immediately took action by removing these infected apps.

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How Does Judy Malware Work?

These apps containing the malware act as bridges to connect the user’s device to the adware server. Once the connection is established, Judy Malware establishes a connection and enables redirecting and fraud clicks on a particular advertisement to generate larger revenue.



Who is responsible for this attack?

These malware spreading apps were developed by a Korean company named Kiniwini. This might be suspicious as organizations like this usually don’t create such malware.

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After this threat was identified by Check Point, the apps were removed from the Play store. The complete picture related to Judy Malware is still not clear as it is still not known that for how long the malicious code existed inside the apps, hence the actual spread of the malware remains unknown.

What’s Next?

Though, apps were completely removed from the play store, so now there is no more threat of spread. For those, who are not sure about previous apps, please check the full list of the infected app from HERE. 

So, again a word of caution, Be Safe! Play Safe! The overall loss and damage after Wannacry and Judy are still not known. Hence, make sure that you are safe online. Get to know more about internet security and how to keep yourself safe online HERE

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