jQuery is a very powerful, fast, small and a rich JavaScript library. When we say jQuery as powerful and rich, we mean that it does things like DOM manipulation, event handling, animation and Ajax under a single JavaScript library. Ajax is a much simpler and easy-to-use API that works across browsers. It was originally written by John Resig and it was influenced by Dean Edwards cssQuery library. It is currently maintained by a team of developers which is led by Timmy Willison.

Generally, the question that arises is ‘Why jQuery?’ when there are a lot other JavaScript frameworks out there. The answer to ‘why jQuery?’ is that jQuery a lot more extendable than other libraries. Also, it provides cross-browser support where it runs exactly the same in all major browsers, including the support to Internet Explorer 6! And this is not the only reason. There are several other reasons for using jQuery. Some of them are listed below: –

  • It is a lightweight JavaScript library supporting multiple features.

This is the reason why page loads faster. Being a lightweight library and supporting thousands of features including CSS manipulation, DOM manipulation, Ajax, animation and a lot more.

  • It is Open Source.

It is developed by the Open Source Community and  is available for free.

  • Lots of Tutorials.

There are infinite number of tutorials available on the internet to learn. It is not a cumbersome library to learn and understand its use.

  • Cross-Platform Support

It provides a cross-platform support running the same way as on all the major browsers providing a support even to Internet Explorer 6!

  • Easy DOM traversing and manipulation

With it’s use, it is easy to traverse HTML elements being the parent element or the child element of the selected element. It has made DOM manipulation a lot easier.

We will see how the source code works with a video which is recorded by Paul Irish in screencast form. Now, you must be having the question “who is Paul Irish?”

Paul Irish is a front-end developer and currently working on Google Chrome team focused on Developer tools. He has developed tools like Modernizr, Yeoman, CSS3 Please and HTML5 Boilerplate and co-created projects like HTML5 Please, mothereffingtextshadow, mothereffinghsl etc.

Paul used to host the amazing yayQuery Podcast. He long loved music and kept the Aurgasm music blog up for 10 years. To know more about Paul Irish, you can visit his blog here.

Let’s what he has to say in his video “10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source”.

Download jQuery

You can download jQuery using the npm repository and install using the following command: –

npm install jquery

You can also download it from its official website where you can find out it’s latest versions.


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