Apple represents a class more than a fruit in our country. Day by day Apple is surprising the fans with new updated features and updates. Apple is going to launch its tenth anniversary iPhone this year which will be featured with iOS 11. Recently Apple has revealed its new Operating System in the name of iOS 11 at WWDC (World Wide Development Council) which will be featured in upcoming iPhones and iPads, thereby giving some clues about forthcoming iPhone 8.

So, here are some confirmed features of the most awaited iPhone 8:

#1 Augmented Reality

iPhone 8 rumors

Augmented Reality will play a major role in featuring of future of iPhones and iPads. Apple has some pretty good promulgation about AR’s in iOS 11 which they had declared at WWDC. The company announces that they will develop its own AR development platform (i.e. ARkit). By the time till September developer will be ready with the various AR-based app. This is exciting as everyone is tired of same features and need something more creative.

#2 Dual-rear Cameras

iPhone 8 features

When it comes to camera, how can Apple lag behind? Although Apple hasn’t revealed much about the dual camera setup in iPhone 8, but this technology has been earlier conspicuous in iPhone 7 plus last year.  AR will be able to make good use of dual rear cameras and photography experience more enchanting.



#3 Homepod Integration

Apple recently discloses Homepod. Homepod is a powerful speaker that sounds amazing, adapts to wherever it’s playing and together with Apple Music, gives you effortless access to one of the world’s largest music catalogs. Through the company hasn’t revealed much about this Technology but, iPhone 8 – Homepod is the integral feature of Apple’s home computing ambitious.

#4 Wireless Charging

iPhone 8 price

iPhone 8 will be arriving with the new upgraded technology of wireless charging. Through this technology has prior been used in other Smartphone, but this is a great technological advancement in Apple’s Technology. Assembly process for the previous generation iPhones has not been changed much, but new features like waterproof and wireless charging require some different testing.

#5 Water Resistant, Glass Black Panel

iPhone 8 specs

Besides confirming the wireless technology feature in forthcoming iPhones, Apple CEO also stated that iPhone 8 will also have a water-resistance design. Since it supports wireless charging, it must have the glass black panel or plastic black panel for hidden free connection.

#6 NFC

iPhone 8 features

The iPhone 8 is arriving with the latest technology of NFC (i.e. Near Field Communication). With iPhone 8, Apple is quite likely to take its NFC support beyond Apple Pay. The all new iOS 11 beta support for core NFC that’s used for data exchanging format. Users may be able to pair their Apple watch with their iPhone with the help of NFC which can be used for online payments at stores.



#7 Siri Understands

iPhone 8 release date

Apple hasn’t stated much about Siri at WWDC, but it’s confirmed that there is a lot of technological advancement as Siri is upgraded with new cool features. Siri now comes with both female and male voice with its ability to translate language in no time. Adding further Siri will be fluent in carrying out other commands as well. It also works better with Apple Music to help you suggest a song you might like. Adding to your knowledge, Siri is becoming smarter day by day!

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