The 2 biggest giants of the tech world provide the users with the 2 biggest operating systems in the market today. Your decision to buy a smartphone weighs solely on the operating system that runs it, and we provide to you a knock-out between the 2 biggies! Presenting the showdown between iOS vs Android:

**Note: We are only considering the Stock versions of Android and iOS.

The UX & the UI design (Plus Customisation)

The designs of both the operating systems have been widely revamped, since their inception. The application drawer that pops up by clicking on a button is the Android-cliché, while the big square-ish icons with rounded edges has been the part and parcel of iOS since the very beginning.

Android: There isn’t much to talk about this here, because the kind of overall functionality, customisability, and design tweaking that Android allows is unfathomed. You can do almost anything and everything right on your home screen: have thousands of widgets downloaded, add custom animations to the pages, revamp the structure & size of anything and everything; Name it and it’s there! Plus, with 3rd-party launchers, you can come across millions (Yes, literally millions) of applications that you can install to customise the look and feel of your device.

iOS: The UI of this operating system has always been a simple layout of icons on different pages– That’s All! You can download various applications on your device, and they keep on increasing in number, as do the number of pages on the screen.
You turn the phone on, and you’re greeted with the classic “Slide to Unlock” screen, which, when you actually slide, you’re guided to a screen layout of the the square-ish icons of all the applications present on your device.

In terms of Customisability, there isn’t much that an iPhone user can do, except for changing the wallpapers, layouts of the icons, or adjusting the widgets on the Notification Tray (a feature that was recently brought in iOS 9).

We keep this a tie between the 2 systems, as both have extremely different user interfaces. But, if we just keep customisation as a factor, you might already know who the winner would be: Android!


ios vs android

In terms of compatibility, Android is the one that wins the battle, without a doubt.

While Android is available for a various brands of smartphones, including, but not limited to Samsung, Sony, HTC; iOS is only available for Apple devices.

This is probably a boon in disguise, because this makes Apple products explicit, focusing on the famous saying by Apple, “The perfect device is formed with the coalesce of Hardware and Software”, and probably this is the reason Apple prefers to run their OS on their own devices, and none other.


It hasn’t been a secret that Android drains battery faster than any other. The background updates, with tons of applications running at the back, really drains out the battery out of Android smartphones. Probably that is the core reason Android smartphones come with humongous batteries as compared to iPhones.

The battery sufficiency that iOS brings to the table is much better.


Without a doubt, this one goes to iOS. The kind of quality that the applications on iOS provide, Android still has a long way to go for that.

One weighing factor might be that the original concept of the App-Stores and applications for the masses, came in with iOS.

Believe it or not, there are still hundreds of applications that are only available for iOS users. (Though, now every app that is available on the Apple AppStore, is also available on the Google PlayStore).

Voice Assistants

Google Now vs Siri!

Of course, in terms of quirky, witty replies Siri gets a perfect 10. (I myself have come across some extremely funny one-liners. And rants that Siri comes up with, if you ask her some weird questions.

Google Now goes a small notch higher for functionality. And the credits for this goes to the fact that Google runs the biggest Search Engine in the world. But with the latest upgrades coming to iOS, we really believe that Siri is coming with a lot more features, and an armour that won’t be easy to break, for Google!

All in All, we really believe that although both the softwares are top-notch and the best in the market. If we really need to choose one, we’d say:
In terms of Customisability, Variety, and Compatibility Google Android wins it! And, in terms of Functionality, Classic-Design Language, Ease of Use, Security, and an over-all sturdier approach to a software, iOS takes the prize!

For me, I would choose iOS over Android any given day. It is because of the fact that even without the customisation Android provides the safety, power, and style that iOS brings is unfathomed.
(Not to forget the unmatched experience of Multi-Access to the same content on all your iOS devices– through iCloud!)

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