The word Apple, in India, is more than fruit for many people around. And all they need is an update to cheer they iPhones up.  Recently Apple has come with its new iOS this year which is iOS 11. iOS 11 was unveiled by Apple at its WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) 2017 keynote on 5 June, with its big improvements over its iOS 10 predecessors.

Here we bring you everything we know so far about iOS 11; including release date and new features, so check the cool features out!

#1 Redesigning the App Store

iOS 11 preview

One of the galactic iOS 11 updates is the redesigning of App Store. Launching of the App Store will direct you to the new Today tab, which is designed to help with app discovery. You’ll envision new collections, a daily list centered around a particular theme, and even tutorials that show you how to execute the particular task in new apps. The second tab is called games tab, which is dedicated a place to discover both new and popular games. The new Apple Store is more than a surprise for many Apple fans as well.

#2 Control Center, Lock Screen, and Notification

iOS 11 preview

Lock screen and notifications have now been combined into one screen, but more excitingly Control Centre has been redesigned and is finally more customizable. It now holds all of the features into one page and has new slider too. It also has the 3D touch to allow access to more settings which has made life more easier. The idea behind doing this must be making user access more simple and easy to handle.

#3 New Message App

iOS 11 preview

iOS 11’s Messages app has been updated with several new features including a new app drawer, which contains stickers, the new Apple pay peer-to-peer features that let you pay contacts via message and lots more. Apple pay’s new features still use the Apple TouchID fingerprint sensor to verify and proceed with online transactions safely.



#4 Siri Improvements

iOS 11 preview

Talking about Apple’s personal assistant, it has got way smarter than now. Siri has a new, more natural male and female voice, as well as a new visual interface to make personal virtual assistant more flawless and flabbergasting. Apple also added a new feature to Siri in iOS 11 including the ability to translate what you say into German, French, Italian, with further languages be added soon. It also works better with Apple Music to help you suggest a song you might like.

#5 New Camera Features

iOS 11 preview

The camera software also has come up with lots of improvements, including improved image quality. Also, the portrait mode in iPhone 7 Plus can be taken with Optical Image Stabilization, True Tone flash and HDR. A new depth API is being released for developers, which means they’ll be able to use iPhone 7 Plus camera to add more depth information to their app. Apple has also imparted a new technology called High-Efficiency Image File Format(HEIFF) that reduces the file size of your photos and empty out storage space for you.

#6 Live Photo Effects

iOS 11 features

You can now opt just the frame you want from a live photo to make your key photo, and there are also ‘Effects’ procurable to use with live photos. This feature is to enhance Apple camera experience and make it more lively and classy.

#7 Indoor Maps and Lane Navigation

iOS 11 features

Apple is all set to make the navigation feature more optimizable and amazing. Maps of airports and shopping malls are installing soon, which can also access measures like speed, and lane navigation. This is quite exciting. Right? That’s a pretty exciting feature. iOS 11 will also feature you with Do Not Disturb While Driving, too. When activated, it’ll send people trying to get in touch with you a note, to say that you’ll see the message when you will arrive at your destination.



#8 AirPlay 2 & Apple Music Improvement

iOS 11 features

A new AirPlay 2 protocol bestows in lots of new services for speakers including multi-room support, and there is an additional AirPlay 2 audio DPI for the developers. You’ll also now be able to keep a hawk eye what your friend have been listening to in the Apple Music thanks to new public profiles.

Which iOS 11 features can we expect in iPad?

#9 Better Multitasking

iOS 11 features

The new Dock in iOS 11 for iPad means that you’ll be able to access your favorite and most frequently used apps for files quickly and easily from any screen. In addition to the dock, there is an additional new App Switcher design is going to make life easier when you want to quickly change apps or open new ones. System-wide Drag and Drop means you can move pretty much anything between any app for much quicker and easier ways of working.

#10 A New Files App

iOS 11 features

As per the rumors, iOS 11 features a new app called Files. Like the multitasking features, it’s designed to make life easier for power users.  Files will keep all your documents in one easy-to-use place. You’ll be able to drag and drop attachments from any mail or any other apps into a particular folder or create a folder to help stay organized and find what you are looking for faster.

#11 Apple Pencil

iOS 11 features

For iPad Pro models, the Apple Pencil has become better than ever with the help of integrated support for line drawing, new instant Note feature lets you open the Notes app directly from the Lock Screen with a simple tap.

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