The Internet is literally a vast space, connecting billions of devices and people altogether. People, these days can access documents and files from any corner of the world without being detected in the RADAR, that’s why it is always advisable to maintain these internet security tips while surfing the net.

1.) Maintain a Super Strong Password: This is advisable so as to prevent hacking of account by guessing or by Brute-Force method. Always use a combination of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers and special symbols. Avoid having a password with your name or D.O.B. so as to maintain cyber safety.

Internet Security Tips

2.) Use Different Passwords for Different Accounts: This may be a bit hectic task, yet this is one of the most important and ignored internet security tips and is advisable so as to prevent other accounts from being hacked if the security of one of your account is compromised.

Internet Security Tips

3.) Don’t Fall Prey of Phishing Scams: In a Phishing attack, a hacker creates a fake login page and through that gets the login credentials and password. Login to your account only through the main website and avoid doing that by the means of any e-mail. Always take precautions and maintain proper internet safety and security.

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4.) Never Save Your Banking Details:  One of the most important internet security tips is that your Banking details are not saved into the device. While logging in, always use On-Screen Keyboard as this will ensure that a keylogger would never record the details.

Internet Security Tips

5.) Read Terms and Conditions Before Installing a Software: Installing software from random and unsafe sources may lead to data theft and abrupt behavior of your device. Further, they may also install additional and unwanted software which may ultimately harm your device. So, always be aware and follow these internet security tips as well.

Internet Security Tips

6.) Keep your Antivirus Updated: Having an updated antivirus will ensure your device’s safety, prevent any unauthorized access, and will maintain the web security as this also acts as internet security software.Though, this internet security tip is neglected by many, as having an Antivirus is a must for the data and device protection in order to minimizes the threat of any cyber attack.

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7.) Never Click On Suspicious e-mails: They may contain attachment in the form of a software that may be a threat to your system. So, avoid clicking on suspicious e-mails and URLs.

Internet Security Tips

8.) Never Ever Give Your Banking Details: Spam e-mails in the form of lottery or a contest with huge prize money may ask your details. Also, sometimes hackers may call you as the bank representative and demand your PIN. Always avoid having a conversation and report to the cyber police as soon as you can.

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These internet security tips will ensure that your device and data is well protected and even we as responsible individuals must know when to respond to an unknown email and how to identify a scam.

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