If you have a Facebook Page and you want to reach to a maximum audience, then you must publish your posts on a perfect timing. Well, timing matters a lot when you want to drive the traffic to your post/link. This timing varies as per the content and audience of your post. Also, it’s practically not possible for the page admin to publish on the desired time as this may not sync with his routine. Facebook provides an awesome feature to Schedule Facebook Posts. Using this one can publish our post whenever we want to or even backdate our posts. Yes! Facebook allows you to do that. Here, for the illustration purpose, I will use my Facebook page as a reference.

Schedule Facebook Posts

1.) First of all to schedule Facebook posts, is only possible with a Facebook page.

2.) Now, go to your page and create a post. Alternatively, if you want to, you can share a post on your page as well.



 3.) Once, your post is ready, click on the drop-down button which is present aside Publish. Once you click that, you will find three options to choose from; Schedule, Backdate, Save Draft. Choose Schedule. 

How To Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Page

4.) Now, a pop-up box will display. This will open a Scheduling menu through which you can Schedule Facebook Post. 

How To Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Page 5.) Select the desired date and time when you want to publish your post.

6.) Finally, select Schedule. This will save changes and finally Schedule Facebook Post. 

Apart from Scheduling Facebook Post, one can also Backdate Facebook Post as well. This feature lets you post in the past. Although, technically this will not have any significance over the traffic, but this trick can be used in some cases.

Backdate Facebook Post

1.) Repeat Step 1 and 2 from above by creating a post or sharing it on your page.

2.) Now, repeat Step 3 as well. Below Schedule, you will find Backdate option.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Page

3.) Select Backdate option from the drop-down list.

4.) A new pop up with Backdate option will be displayed.

How To Schedule Facebook Posts on Your Page 5.) Select the year, month, and day on which you want to Backdate Facebook Post. 

6.) Now, select Backdate. This will Backdate Facebook Post. 

Scheduling is a very effective tool to increase your page reach. Further, this tool lets you decide and plan to publish your post as per your desire.

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