For the people currently using windows 7 always have the question “ how to go to bios windows 7 ”. Let us first understand what a BIOS is.

BIOS means Basic Input/Output System. Whenever your system starts, BIOS first determines whether all of the attachments are in place and are operational. Then BIOS loads the operating system into RAM from your hard disk or disk drive.

Entering into BIOS depends on a system to system. So, here we will be covering some of the most used Computer brands.

Dell BIOS Windows 7

If your system is running, then reboot it else switch it on. Press “F2” as soon as the screen appears. Since it doesn’t stay for long, keep on pressing “F2” until the message “Entering Setup” appears.

In BIOS, your mouse will not work so you have to use your arrow keys and other keys mentioned on the screen.

Lenovo BIOS Windows 7

Start or reboot your laptop and pay close attention to the screen that appears. Look out for the notification which tells you the key or the combination of keys, pressing which you enter into BIOS settings of your system. You may find notifications like “Press Del to enter SETUP; BIOS settings: Esc; or System Configuration: F2”.

In case you miss this notification, then just simply reboot your laptop.


HP (Hewlett-Packard) BIOS Windows 7

Turn off your laptop.

Now, turn on your laptop and continuously press “F10” key until BIOS setup screen opens. In case nothing happens, press “F1” key repeatedly.

Samsung BIOS Windows 7

Turn on your laptop.

A notification appears at the bottom of the screen “F2: SETUP”. Press “F2” and you will enter the BIOS settings on your computer.

ASUS BIOS Windows 7

Turn on your laptop and repeatedly press “del” key. This will make you enter BIOS settings on your ASUS system.


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