Be it in the field of Mathematics, Science or Technology, we Indians are not only the backbone of any developing industry but we are also the leaders of great technology invention ideas. Here are a few Indians who completely transformed the whole digital world by their high tech inventions, yet they are not known by many.

Ajay Bhatt as the Father of U.S.B.

Ajay Bhatt is an Indian-American computer architect who invented the widely used and most popular bus, the U.S.B. It is widely used for data transfer, connectivity and as a medium for charging devices.  It is found in billions of electronic devices all over the world, from webcams to cell phones and memory sticks. After completing his graduation in Vadodara, India, Bhatt completed his master’s degree in New York. Bhatt joined Intel in 1990. He currently holds 31 US patents. Apart from the USB invention, he is also recognized for his patent on AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), PCI Express, Platform Power management architecture and many more chipset enhancements.


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Vinod Dham For Intel Pentium Chips

If it is about computer processor, then without even having a second thought, we have only a single name! Intel. And the reason that, it is the most dominant and innovative company is because of the development of Pentium Chips. Pentium completely revolutionized the processor industry by its fast and efficient techniques and was one of the most high tech inventions of that time, and Vinod Dham is the face behind it. He had a degree in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and in 1971. He joined a Delhi-based semiconductor company called Continental Devices.

In 1975, he left this job and joined the University of Cincinnati, in Cincinnati, Ohio – USA. After getting his master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Solid State Science, he joined NCR Corporation at Dayton, Ohio, where he did cutting edge work in developing advanced Non-Volatile Memories. He then joined Intel, where he led the development of the world famous Pentium processor.


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Narinder Singh Kapany: Optical Fibre

He is an Indian-born American physicist known for his pioneer research work in fiber optics. He is considered as one of the founders of fiber optics and popularly called as first light-bender. This particular one from the league of high tech inventions is used in voice, data, and video transmission technologies and even used for the medical purpose such as endoscopy, bronchoscopy. He graduated from Agra university, done Ph.D. from prestigious Imperial College of London in 1955. And noticeably, he has more than 120 patents to his name.


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Arun Netravali: HDTV

He is an IITian, Electrical engineer (IIT-Mumbai) pass out known for his contributions that transformed TV from analog to digital especially the development of HDTV technology at Bell Labs in the 1990s. This was one of the most important high tech inventions of its time.

His work led to the development of a video encoder which today is being used by many TV channels for their HDTV broadcasts. This invention completely changed the viewer’s perception and experience of watching T.V. Arun Netravali has also worked for NASA, as a lecturer at MIT, worked in Bell Labs as President, Lucent Technologies as Chief scientist.


high tech inventions

Truly said, the Silicon Valley cannot work without Indians and these faces are the reason behind the widespread use of technology and digital transformation and these Indian made us proud by their high tech inventions. These Indian scientists and their inventions are no doubt a milestone for us and inspiration for future as these innovations from India is a big mark across the globe.

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