After unveiling its own voice assistant at Google I/O in May 2016, Google has now planned to further improve the Google Assistant services. At its developer event Google Developer Days (GDD) Europe, the company made the announcement and revealed its new functionalities that are in the pipeline for its virtual assistant service.

Google Assistant

Earlier Siri, the leading rival of Google Assistant made some healthy improvements. Apart from becoming more naturally spoken, Siri allows users to get real-time translation between select languages and it also boasts a greater understanding of the user’s needs dependent on conditions and time of day, with the AI assistant’s learning synced across devices.



What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is Google‘s latest version of an assistant. It’s considered an upgrade or an extension of Google Now – designed to be personal – as well as an expansion of Google‘s existing “OK Google” voice controls. It allows you to operate the phone through voice recognition; you can ask any question by tapping the mike icon.

Google Assistant

How to set up Google Assistant?

It is a built-in feature in phones with Marshmallow or above versions of Android.

Procedure to setup the Google Assistant :

  1. Press Home button for a long to launch Google Assistant.
  2. Tap Continue on the “Meet your personal Google Assistant” screen.
  3. Now Tap Yes, I’m in to allow permissions for it to access on the next screen.

You may be asked to configure voice activation, which just requires you to repeat “OK Google” three times. Pretty simple!

Google Assistant – Revised Features and Enhancements:


Google Assistant

Like Siri, the It too made a new enhancement – translator mode, which once activated by the user using the phrase “OK Google, be my [specify language] translator”, repeats everything that is said in the requested language both visually as well as vocally.



Google said its virtual assistant will now be able to respond to questions faster and will be able to understand a user’s voice more accurately in noisy environments. It will be able to decode the commands faster due to enhancements in AI.

Some revised feature includes like Assistant will be able to store more preferences like the weather, calendar reminder, location, day summary etc. Based on preferences, Google is then able to answer based on the context.

Google will now come with deeper integration with searches and take into consideration in answering your queries as well.

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