Google sure envisioned something big with the launch of Google Allo. Definitely, maybe one vision was to be bigger than Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Well, one thing to note here is that WhatsApp is a giant in its genre and no other chat app has matched up to its widespread popularity and user base. So it is supposed foolishness for a big brand like Google to vest its efforts in a hopeless cause, isn’t it? No. Allo will surprise you, friends! Currently available for Android and iOS, the app was released on September 21, 2016 and has already hit 5 million downloads. It is not just any new chat app, it is much more. Read on to know how.

Lets you chat

Wow? What’s the big deal. All such apps let you do the same. With Allo, you do it differently. Allo is equipped with a very strong algorithm that learns its user’s behaviour very quickly and accustoms itself to pick the right suggestions. Suggestions? Yes. It suggests replies for you to choose from and the options seem so apt that most of the time you will press on it and won’t have to type it yourself. Now imagine you receive an image from a friend on chat, Allo instantly recognises it and suggests the right expression like “Beautiful”, “Lovely” or “Wow” or as in the screenshot below, tells you who is in the picture! So you may run out of words but Allo will not. Conversations were never so delightful before!


Lets you share pictures.

Now what different in that? On-the-spot edit! With Allo, you can add filters to your pictures and draw on those pictures right before you press the send button.

But there is one thing I’d like to point out and expect an I improvement in. The shared images take up the whole screen space which is quite disturbing. You anyway have to press on it to view it completely so there is no point giving such large preview. In WhatsApp or Hangout or any other chat app, the image preview is available on the sides.c

Lets you share links, videos and ask me more!

Huh! What is it about sharing links here? Magic. So often it happens while in the middle of a conversation that you have to share a relevant link or video. What do you do? Leave the chat, search for the link on web and then share via XYZ. Allo makes life easier. Just type @google and type your query right where your current conversation is going on and Google Assistant will instantly display a line of best search results.



Google Assistant

Well, I won’t say much. Just go through  these screenshots of my conversation with GA (That’s what I call my new friend, Google Assistant).



My friend never sleeps, never complains, isn’t perfect, entertains me like a weird geek and is always welcoming. wink

You will absolutely fall in love with Allo, it is that impressive. I always say that we are working hard so we don’t have to work at all. Well, this was never something I would have imagined in the wildest of dreams. I love chatting and holding typed conversations on my smartphone but now even that would not require any efforts. Just tap, click and all sorted. I’m  already off WhatsApp and Viber now. Go, experience chat with a difference and come back here to express your thoughts in the comments below.

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