A lot of games have come and gone but very few could stay to make a distinct mark. It all started off with our very own household games Mario and Contra, moving on to heavy duty games like Grand Theft Auto, Call Of Duty and Counter Strike. Talking of Counter Strike or CS, as popularly called, it has till date been one of its own kind, which is pretty evident with the fact that no LAN Gaming challenge is complete without CS.

But when everything today is moving to hand-held devices, why not heavy multi-player mobile games. No, we are not hinting at CS coming to your smartphones but a game that has revolutionized the way mobile games are played. The one in picture is Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia. So let us quickly discuss the game’s features to entice you, followed by some useful hacks for the ones already enticed.

doodle army

It is an intense multiplayer game which allows a maximum of 6 players connected online and 12 connected through local WiFi to enter into combat. Beginners can opt for offline training with the sarge and learn in the co-op and survival modes before jumping on to the battlefield. As for the game play, all you have to do is save yourself from enemy attack. These enemies seem extra-terrestrial as they can attack you from air or even steer through rocky terrain with rotating blades aimed right at slashing you into two. But it is not like you are unarmed and cannot fight back. Where’s the fun in that, eh?

The game is action packed and fun with dual-stick controls. You get a wide range of weapons like the sniper, shotgun and flamethrower. You can even throw grenades at your enemies. To fight the air-borne enemy you get rocket boots for flight. The war is between two armies-Soldat and Halo, where you are a rowdy animated soldier with beard and grumpy look. Appsomniacs have worked really hard at creating this wonderful game that would test your shooting skills and fast responses, along with giving you the power of CS in your hands, literally!

Tips and Tricks


To play efficiently in any game you need to know some tricks. These tricks are known after some close observations of the game. Don’t worry, you don’t have to work hard for this one, we have made your task easier and here are some tips and tricks that would help you play better:

  1. Don’t use weapons that do not have much power (like pistols), they can bring your performance down.
  2. Try to get shotguns, snipers and rocket launchers. They are fast and bring much damage to the enemy.
  3. If you are running out of health, do not try to be a hero. Suicide! That’s the best option for not letting your opponent get points on your death.
  4. If you are attacked by a bomb and you are unable to escape, just duck down! Doing this, your health won’t be effected much.
  5. Keep your gun loaded before a new battle begins.
  6. Keep the blue bar full almost always so that you can escape easily from a high tension area.



Since most of the premium features of the game come with the pro pack, so do the hacks. What all do you need to succeed in a battle? Let us tick the boxes.

  1. More weapons: What’s the fun in playing a shooting game without having fancy guns, guns that you could never be able to play with in the real world but can hold them in style on your phone! Open mini militia then close it press for a second. Tap the x button and download the app again and then in the Chat Room type, ‘yeh haw‘ followed by /uploadstandardweaponsweaponsqwr?//. That’s it and your kitty will be bundled with AK 46, Bazooka, Sniper, MI6, Caliber and 10 Granades. Have fun!
  2. Unlimited ammunition: Do your bullets run out faster than you shoot the enemy dead? Imagine yourself sweating out on the battlefield and suddenly you run out of bullets. Disheartening, eh? Well, here we are to save you the embarrassment of losing, you can get unlimited bullets right here
  3. Unlimited health: Tired of dying more times than the enemy? Get unlimited health here and play immortally.
  4. Unlock store items: We all know how badly we want to keep hold of all these right here
  5. Captain the Army: Who doesn’t intend to be a leader, here’s your chance! It is easy. If you want to rise up in the ranks just type ‘duke‘ in the chat room.
  6. No Reloading: With the enemy on your head (and feet of course, literally!), by the time you reload your gun, you might just get killed. So to make it easier, just enter ‘tootsie pop’ in the chat room.

Try out the above tricks and hacks and let me know if these were of help to you in the comments below. Happy combating!

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