In the last part, we had a glimpse of Top Picks and Best Gadgets of CES 2017 For Tech LoversWell, now we will have a sneak peak about the mega-fest of Consumer Electronics Show 2017. In 2016, Consumer Electronics Show had an attendance of 177,393. The exhibition is open through registration. Now let’s have a sneak peak of the event

What’s New On Consumer Electronics Show 2017 On Friday?

The session at Consumer Electronics Show 2017 will be addressed by notable speakers like Steve Mollenkopf CEO, Qualcomm Inc., and Kevin Plank Founder and CEO, Under Armour. That will be followed by a super session on Powering the Sharing Economy to Transform Lives. Also, several sessions on the topics such as Self-Driving Cars, The Power of Hidden Figures, and Opportunities for the Global Economy will be presented. Now let’s have an insight of Consumer Electronics Show 2017. Every tech lover has a dream to grab an entry and step in to experience the mesmerizing world of cutting edge technology.

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The Door Of Future Is Here

From Smart Trash Can to Self Driven cars, Consumer Electronics Show 2017 didn’t disappoint their guests and now we look at some of the top picks and more trending gadgets of Consumer Electronics Show 2017 for Tech Lovers.


Another giant leap in the world of Virtual Reality as this gives an unforgettable experience of the virtual world. A movable platform and arm support is provided and with our body movements, we can control our flight.

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Anti-Pollution Scarf

A need for the future, especially in cities like Beijing and New Delhi. This mask accurately measures the pollutant content and notifies the user through a smartphone. Whenever someone enters a polluted area, this will automatically notify the user.

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Lego Boost

To enhance and simplify the coding and robotics programming, this is a perfect device. This will teach children to code related to motion and movement. It is available in five versions including a bowtie-clad robot, a cat, a space rover, a factory and a guitar.

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Aluma Connect

An assault prevention device that can be attached to the back of your smartphone. There is a push button on the back and a wristband, which on pulling will trigger a 135 Decibel Alarm, Flash LED and will notify your contacts.

Consumer Electronics Show 2017

Wow! At least every tech lover would like to have them. At Consumer Electronics Show 2017, there were amazing and brilliant products that were a result of years of R&D and innovation. There is still a lot to come from this jackpot, so by the time keep yourself updated with us.

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