WannaCry Ransomware Attack: Everything You Need To Know

Last few days have not been too good for Online users. People prefer to stay offline, avoid making online transactions […]

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Top Hacking Incidents That Made Headlines

In recent years, there has been an exponential growth in the security breach and hacking incidents. In these years, the […]

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how to enter bios windows 8

How to enter BIOS Windows 8 : Easy Steps with Pictures

BIOS in Windows 8 has been replaced with UEFI. So, now the question will be “ how to enter BIOS Windows […]

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How to enter bios windows 7

How to go to BIOS Windows 7?

For the people currently using windows 7 always have the question “ how to go to bios windows 7 ”. […]

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New Gadgets and Latest Happenings In Consumer Electronics Show 2017

In the last part, we had a glimpse of Top Picks and Best Gadgets of CES 2017 For Tech Lovers. Well, now […]

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The 5 Best Mobile Browsers for Android Smartphones

In today’s tech-savvy world we need internet access in everything. Smartphones being the most important and the most used feature […]

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