In today’s tech-savvy world we need internet access in everything. Smartphones being the most important and the most used feature on them being the web browser that provides high speed internet access with good quality. Some add-ons would be a cherry on the cake. We bring to you the best mobile browsers for your android smartphone that would speed up your internet access and also provide you with some amazing additional features.

Google Chrome

mobile browsers- google chrome

We talk about Google Chrome first because it is the most common of all mobile browsers and comes in almost all android phones by default. So we end up using this browser as it is the most convenient. Chrome has provided us with hands-free searching as it can detect your voice and bring out searches for you. Among other features of Chrome, my favorite one is that I don’t have to fill lengthy forms with the same details again and again. Chrome is so sweet (not literally! :P) that it asks for your permission to save details you have filled once and you don’t have to go with the tedious work of filling them again when required. Chrome just does it for you! You also can save your username and password to login into sites multiple times in just one click! If you have a Google account then Chrome is the best for you to use as it synchronizes your bookmarks, tabs and history access devices. Another fascinating feature of Google Chrome is that it reduces your data usage by 50% so you don’t have to go heavy on your pocket. It can have unlimited browsing tabs; you can pick up from where you left as even if you switch off your phone, chrome keeps your tabs open. Chrome has got all you want! At what cost? None!

Mozilla Firefox

mobile browsers-mozilla firefox

Firefox is one of the must have mobile browsers. It is much like other mobile browsers having the same features as remembering passwords, keeping record of your browsing history, synchronizing your bookmarks, easy access to web pages by creating shortcuts and many more. Its key feature that makes it stand out of the rest is it’s privacy. Firefox provides privacy from parts of web pages that may track your browsing activity. You can personalize your browser by add-ons like ad blockers (We all get irritated by unnecessary ads that pop up on our window while we are browsing!), password and download managers. Firefox is also not behind in the race of taking care of you like Chrome. It has a feature of dimming the brightness of the browser page so you don’t get your eyes strained in the dark! You can even send your videos or any web content from your smartphone to a bigger screen, like television, equipped with supported streaming capabilities. So much for free!

Opera Browser

mobile browsers-opera browser

This one is my favorite! It has got almost all the features that I would want in a mobile browser. Opera is pretty much like Chrome though, but slightly better. It can save your data up to 80% compared to Chrome’s 50%. It has a built in ad-blocker so you can browse your web pages freely without any interference from pop-ups. The coolest and most useful feature of Opera that you don’t find on all mobile browsers is that you can pin your favorite or most used websites like Facebook or Amazon to your phone’s screen as shortcuts. These shortcuts provide notifications too just like apps. Using shortcuts instead of apps takes up less phone storage as well as use less data. Opera identifies your interests by your search history and provides news feeds on that. Also it has multiple news channels within the browser and you can subscribe to anyone you like. Another amazing feature of Opera is that it allows you to zoom every webpage for comfortable reading. How is this feature amazing? Well, you wouldn’t know that 61% of mobile sites do not allow you to zoom! (Sounds amazing now?:P) Opera won’t stop on features. Another one is the data saving mode which offers you faster access even on a slow connection. With built-in video compression, it prevents videos from stalling. Opera just makes life easier online!

UC browser

mobile browsers-uc browser

UC Browser is not so different from other mobile browsers, yet it is on our list due to a couple of unique features. Like Opera and Chrome, it also has data compression feature which is called the fast mode in this browser. UC News provides you with news feeds on the browser itself. Many of you would have faced the annoying situation of losing connection while you had downloaded something till 90% and after getting the connection back you have to start again from 0% (Horrible it is!). UC Browser doesn’t let this situation to occur by starting the download from where you left even after loss of connection (And you thought god doesn’t exist!:P). For all the Facebook addicts, this browser will be a lot godly! UC Browser magically speeds up Facebook, no matter your overall connection and web pages are slow. Accessing UC Browser has been made easier by the gesture controls for brightness, volume, progress etc. and the night mode allows comfortable reading by adjusting webpage brightness. It is a descent browser!

Puffin Browser

mobile browsers-puffin browser

Puffin is a rare browser but with great potentials. It is not used much because of a few limitations. It is also restricted in a few countries and some parts of the US. We have it added to our best mobile browsers list because it is the fastest of them all. Once you’ve used Puffin your ordinary internet access would seem to be a snail. So the deal is Puffin takes it’s work from resource-limited devices to cloud servers, hence it can run so fast! Now you would be worried about your data being hacked between the transitions of traffic from your device to cloud, Puffin provides protection by securely encrypting all that. It supports Adobe Flash and uses remote servers so you can download, process and stream Flash games and videos on your device easily and faster. Puffin’s other features include data compression to save your data bandwidth, add-ons like Facebook and Twitter, virtual gamepad and a built-in virtual keyboard. It also allows you to change color themes for it’s toolbar and sidebar. It is free to download!

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