No doubt why Android users are the ultimate target of all Malware attacks and other activities. This may result is abrupt termination of activities or installing unknown apps and may even lead to the threat of data loss as well as other activities. Though, if a user is well informed about the device and maintains a proper caution regarding apps and web surfing then, there is almost no harm to your device, but most of us don’t care about that! So, we bring you a list of Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android which will provide an all-round protection to your device.

1.) Avast:  Avast Android app supports a nice user interface and offers basic features such as virus scanning and removal. Further, it has a free password lock facility for two apps so from next time you need not worry about those pics the next time you lend your phone to your friends. There are various additional tools in the package and the best of the bunch is the anti-theft component. The anti-theft feature is hidden and allows you to remote control your smartphone using SMS. So if you lose your phone, you can remotely lock it, locate it, or wipe it. You can make it play a siren sound, lock down the SIM card, and prevent USB debugging as well. It’s a comprehensive solution for theft protection.

Best Free Antivirus Apps
2.) Kaspersky Internet Security: It is also one of the best free antivirus apps for protecting your phone. This automatically scans newly installed apps and comes with theft protection which is capable of erasing all your data while a person enters a wrong password. Advanced features like cloud base scanning are not free and the user has to separately pay for it and is considered as Best Android App Security by  many users.

Best Free Antivirus Apps

3.) CM Security: This app made a huge progress by leaps and bounds targeting Android users and provides all general features like scanning the apps, app lock but also has one of the coolest features that enables the camera to take a selfie whenever a person is trying to access your phone by entering the wrong password. Next time, when you unlock your phone, you will catch hold of the culprit! That’s why it is considered as one of the best phone security app.

Best Free Antivirus Apps

4.) 360 Security: This app is considered as Master among its competitor and is considered as the top contender in the list of Best free antivirus apps. As per the latest report, it achieved a detection rate of 99.9 percent. The focus with 360 Mobile Security is firmly on detecting and nullifying threats to your system. A standard real-time scan will safeguard your device from malware, spyware, and the threat of infection. It’s also capable of detecting and fixing system vulnerabilities and cleaning up idle background apps to help your phone run more efficiently. There is a privacy advisor and a tool to clear your usage history.

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5.) AVG: This is a highly advisable app for those who always have to worry about their battery life as this consumes a very little power. Basic features like Virus Scanning and cleaning comes free of cost but advanced features like theft protection need additional bucks.

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It is must to have an antivirus for your Android Device as you might never know that when you fall prey of malicious content and every time one must better be safe than to regret later. So, you can choose any app from our list of Best Free Antivirus Android Apps and prevent any malicious attack.

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