No doubt, Android is the best OS for smartphones as it is a very promising brand with a lot of features. With a user base of over 1.4 Billion, it is presently the largest mobile OS platform. In this post, we present before you some cool and best Android Hacks for your device. The best part is that you can try these Android Hacks without even rooting your phone.

1.) Record Your Android Screen

Sometimes, you may need to record your android screen and for that purpose, you can use Screen Recording apps. They monitor and record all your activity. Apps like AZ Screen Recorder, Rec., One Shot Screen Recorder can be used to record your device activity.

Android Hacks

2.) Use Your Android Device To Control All Smart Devices

Wow, it’s amazing to have a single remote for all your devices! You can control smart devices like Smart TV, AC, and other electronic devices using apps like Smart IR Remote, Android TV Remote Control. You can control your devices by connecting your device via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi.

Android Hacks


3.) Track Your Heart Rate

You can easily track your heart rate using your Android Device. Instant Heart Rate is one such app to track your heart activity. The technology included in pulse oximeters basically just tracks color changes in the fingertip – caused by pulsating blood under the skin. So, now you don’t need an additional device for heart rate measurement.

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4.) Lock Your Phone Remotely

In case, your phone is lost or someone else has it, then you can remotely lock your phone. You can even delete all the data to avoid misuse. This can be achieved through an app called Android Device Manager. So, using this Android Hack, you can get a feeling of James Bond! You can also track your phone using this app.

Android Hacks

5.) Control Your PC From Android

Google has launched an app called Chrome Remote Desktop through which you access your computer from anywhere. It is also available as an extension fro Google Chrome also. Using this Android Hack, you can prevent misuse of your PC.

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6.) Play YouTube Videos In Background 

Well, normally you can’t play Youtube videos in the background. An app named Awesome Pop-Up Video. This can be downloaded from the play store.

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So, these were some of the coolest and best Android Hacks and there are a lot more of them to explore. You can take your phone to a new level using these Android Hacks.

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