Just started your life as a coder and striving hard to reach your checkpoint? Well, you are not alone as coding requires persistence and patience to deal with. Coding has a bright scope for people as the world keeps demanding for prominent developers and alarmed project makers. So relax and read these 5 ways to boost up your confidence in coding and unleash the hidden coder in you!

#1 Practice 


The more hours/day you spend behind typing codes and solving problems, the better you become. Constantly find small problems that you care about which can be solved pro grammatically and practice, practice, practice.  Learn as much as u can, solve as many problems as you can. There are some great online platforms like geeksforgeeks.org, Codechef, Stackoverflow, SPOJ, HackerRank, HackerEarth and much more to improve your coding skills. Remember making mistakes while coding is normal but repeating the same mistakes again and again in your piece of code is retarding and pathetic. So instead of solving a lot of questions first try to understand what are the common errors you face and how you can escape them in future.

#2 Work on a project


 Keep exploring your working area and finding new projects to work on accuracy and speed. If you are stuck doing similar tasks using similar methods, it’s going to be hard to get out of your comfort zone and to pick up new skills. You can also look at participating in open-source projects, which will also teach you how to work with other programmers and the bureaucracy of coding projects. Learning becomes fun when you practice it at a firm level as you will be quite focused regarding your project. It’s a general human tendency to procrastinate independent school level projects, but working with a startup or a firm will help you to meet the deadlines.

#3 Ask for code review




Send your code reviews to the harshest critics.  Optimize for getting good, thoughtful feedback rather than allowing people to become a profession barrier. Ask for a more detailed review on implementations that you’re not too confident about. This is the point where you get to learn about the minor of the minors mistakes which ultimately spares you away from the crowd. Sometimes critics are demotivating too, so don’t bother about them and focus only on the assertive aspects and start orienting your coding in a new direction.

#4 Start reading books


 Master the programming language(s) that you use.  Read a good book on one or two of the languages to understand the basics. Focus on developing a solid grasp of the advanced concepts in that language, and gain familiarity with the core, language libraries. Read about what makes things work in the language you use the most and how things work behind the scenes. Books help you in reaching the core of the language and there are chances that you end up finding something undiscovered.

#5 Keep coding


Make tools, write demos, and try out new libraries. Coding is like a muscle and needs to be exercised. Even if you stop coding for some time it takes the time to get back on track. Just keep coding. If you feel like programming is your weak point, spend more of your time on building and writing code since you won’t get better unless you practice the craft.

That’s all for now so keep coding, keep improving!! All the best

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