Every single photo is a story to be expressed; we all capture pictures in our special moments. In today’s world, there are photo editors that make these pictures more special by giving them electrifying effects. It’s really hard to narrow down for the one Best Photo Editor out of millions PlayStore apps. Here we have our personal experience with some image editors, which are best. With the help of them, you can give a personal touch to your images.

#1 Snapseed

Photo Editor

 It is Google’s own app and it will not be wrong to call it the best editing app till now. This photo editor adopts the features packed into the desktop version and brings them over to mobile. The app has 25 tools and filters to enhance your photos, including Tune image, Details, Perspective, Healing and lot of fine adjustments can be achieved with some touch-gestures. If you want a more physical feel, then you can even choose to edit and customize a selection within your photo. Now with the tap of a finger you can retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit, and more, just you have to download Snapseed in your android. Once you get this best photo editor effect you won’t find the need to shift to a new one.

#2 Pixlr

Photo Editor


It is useful and powerful in all photo editing apps for Android. It lets you to quickly crop, rotate or finely tunes any picture. The best part about Pixlr is that, it is a totally ad-free app. Choose free effects, overlays, borders to personalize images and giving them professional touch without any prerequisite editing knowledge. It contains ‘Auto-Fix’ feature to balance out colors or adjusting poor light condition on a single click. Lastly, you get to choose the resolution and photo quality before you save or directly upload to Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. It is a small app and has outstanding performance. This is one of the best photo editor apps for the photo freaks.

#3 Picsart Studio

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This one is being used by millions of Android users and it has really cool features which you should definitely try. It has got additional effects and some good editing features like free cropping, blurring etc. It is most famous in all photo editing apps for android with oven 100 million installs. PicsArt is one the fastest growing photo artist app. They provide features like drawing tools, art network, photo grid, collage maker and more. PicsArt photo editor has photo manipulation, wide array effect, and text tool, clip graphics, frames in the tools. It is easy and simple to use even if you are new to editing. This is 3rd in our row of best photo editor apps.

#4 Aviary

Photo Editor Apps


Aviary has long been one of the best photo editor apps for mobile devices. This photo editor continues to give photography fanatics a quick and easy method for any editing job be it big or small. With one-touch controls, applicable stickers, and a slew of filters and effects, this best photo editor changes a smartphone into a premier photography studio. This app is also one of the easiest ways to create memes. The core app is free, but a number of extra filters and effects are packed right inside the Aviary Supply Shop.

#5 Airbrush

Photo Editor Apps

Airbrush is a complete editing app. It is simple, realistic and allows you to change the intensity of your editing! This app is perfect for optimizing selfies for Facebook, Twitter or your favorite social apps.There is a smoother to get rid of skin bumps and a blemish remover to cover embarrassing acne in your photo. The concealer clears up bags under your eyes, in case you didn’t sleep well the night before. Overall it is the best selfie editor with 4.8 stars on Playstore. 

Here are the Best Photo Editor Apps for your Smartphone out there. Please feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments Section. Till then Stay tuned to YourSpot !!

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