Tech! Tech! Tech! Everywhere and unlike “Water, water everywhere, not a single drop to drink!”, now it’s “Tech Tech Everywhere, didn’t spare a single thing! ” OK, Enough! Maybe I am not good at this. Just surrounded by the vast ocean of technology, we human beings are now totally reliable and dependent on the technology. So here is a list of 10 Weird and Cool Tech Facts That You Were Unaware Of!

1.) Over the internet, around 60 Billion emails are sent on a daily basis and out of this more than 97% is a spam mail.

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2.) The email was invented before World Wide Web came into existence.

3.) For over 20 years, the password for U.S. nuclear missile was 0000000. (No you are not a smartass, as you wouldn’t have got your fingers on them!)

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4.) Initially, Jeff Bezos wanted to name Amazon as Cadabra, short for Abracadabra, to express how magical the experience of buying books from them would be! Later, he dropped that idea as not everyone could pronounce it correctly.


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5.) Google is responsible for the emission of over 200 tons Carbon-di-Oxide per day. This is because it handles around 1 Billion search queries each day.

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6.) Around 92% of world currency is digital. It means that only 8% of the Physical money is present on this planet.

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7.) Changing Fonts can save printer ink. The theory is, if you use a ‘lighter’ font (with a lighter stroke), you’ll use slightly less ink per page. Based on the assumption that you’re only printing with inkjet printers that use the old style cartridges (not ink tanks, and not toner based laser printers), you’ll likely save about 10 percent ink by switching to one of the lighter fonts.

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8.) The first alarm clock could only ring at 4 am.(Heck! I was not alive then)

9.) Over 1700 Playstation 3 were used by the United States Air force to build a Supercomputer for the department of defense. It was used as it was cost efficient and eco-friendly.

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10.) What’s common in  Apple, Microsoft, HP, and Google apart from being tech-giants? Well, they all started in a garage.

tech facts

These were 10 cool and weird tech facts. Comment below, if you know any other tech facts apart from that(No Google please).

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