So, our smartphones these days are driving us Insomniac and on the other hand it  almost impossible to live without them!.Be it for Selfie, calling or trying our hand at something new, you ought to have one and since its evolution from a bulky box to one measuring in mm today. A lot has changed and here are some amazing facts about phones, which is the new best friend of our generation.

1.) Nomophobia: Well I guess not a lot of us are familiar with this word, yet almost all of us have this phobia. It’s the phobia of losing our phone or simply being without it.

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2.) First Smartphone: Any guess, that how much old that might be?. Well, the first Smartphone was made by IBM in 1994 and came with a touch screen and preloaded apps such as Calculator, Calendar, and a Notepad.

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3.)  90% of Smartphones in Japan is waterproof and the reason being is that most of the people prefer to have them in the shower.

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4.)  World’s Most Expensive Phone: Apple again has a credit for this too!. No, that’s obviously not i-phone 7 but it was an  i-phone 5s coated with 24 carat Black Diamond and not everyone could get that as it was priced at $15.3 Million.

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5.)  A word of caution for Android users as 99% of all Malware attack is targeted at Android phone. Obviously, I would prefer a virus over an i-phone!

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6.) Finland has an official sport for throwing Mobile Phones. Best record till date is of Dries Feremans from Belgium as he was able to throw his phone at a distance of 110m.

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7.) In 2015, more people have suffered death by taking a selfie as compared to Shark attacks.

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8.) Mobile Phones have 18 times more bacteria than that on a Toilet handle. If, you are reading these facts about the phone on your phone, please have a ticket to Finland!

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9.) And it’s not too late, that our phones will soon be Bio-phones as scientists have developed a new technique for charging phones through urine (BTW who’s going to use them after?).

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10.) There is a record which unfortunately Apple still might be looking to break as the record for highest selling gadget ever in History was made by Nokia 1100 as over 250 million pieces were sold!

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Yet, we can’t ignore its presence, be it at our home or office. And these bizarre facts about phones actually prove that there are a lot of stories and other things associated with them.

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